10 Best Alternatives To Fraps

10 Alternatives to Fraps

Tired of using Fraps? Looking for some free & best alternatives to Fraps? Then get to know some of the hottest and easiest software you can use as a great alternative to Fraps.

Screen recording and screen capturing are got to be the latest and hottest trends in terms of in-games and YouTube videos. With the advent of mostly online gaming, screencast tutorials, and YouTube – a lot of YouTubers go crazier with making their own videos, showing off their skills, making screencast tutorials, slideshow presentations with some cool effects. And because almost thousands of software is available to make this happen, most of us are now looking for the best among the rest. While there are some expensive software which of course have advanced features as compared to free ones, some of the free ones can also be a great alternative to complex and expensive ones.

And so in this article, our goal is to give you 10 Fraps alternatives that can either be a freeware or a shareware and will look at the ins and outs of each of the software. Remember, to know that the software is a good one, it has to have 7 essential elements associated with it – the ability to record real time, the ability to record voice or sound, file size output, HD recording, ease of use, the ability to edit videos after recording, and the help & support offered by the developer of the software.

So here are 10 alternatives to Fraps:



Ezvid is a free screen recorder & at the same time a video editor for Windows. Ezvid is a lightweight Windows application and so it runs in a variety of Windows platform including XP SP3, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.  It is also 100% freeware, which means it don’t cost you anything to download and use the program. It is all yours free with no registration required. You simply go to their website then download and install and that’s it. You can now fully use the software without limitations.

As far as screen recording and screen capture, Ezvid is really great. It can also record your screen entirely plus it renders your video at 720×1280 HD, which gives your video a vibrant display on YouTube. It has the ability to record your voice using a microphone. Thus, it is a perfect tool for any screen cast tutorials or for any commentary footage to your in-game. It can record everything it sees on your desktop, even cursor movements.

Ezvid also has a really amazing Facecam capability, first introduced in September 2012.

Ezvid integrates video editing onto its software, allowing users to edit the recorded video right away. So once recording is done, it simply imports the file on its timeline ready for capture. There is no need to look for another software to customize the video as Ezvid can do it for you. It can add text slides, can add background music (solely different from adding voice), it can also synthesize speech, it can duplicate or trim a file, or even speed up or slow down the video file.

Plus Ezvid can easily share your finished video to YouTube instantly, giving you great flexibility and less hassle with using this software. You don’t need a video compressor nor a file that will convert your video to a format YouTube allows as Ezvid’s output is widely acceptable in YouTube. You just hit the “upload to YouTube” and your video is upped on YouTube right away. Ezvid is one of the easiest software to use – icons are properly labeled and the interface is so neat that you will not need expert to teach you how to use it. You can simply follow each icon and you can then easily create your video. In fact, you can make video in less than 5 minutes with Ezvid.

To give Ezvid a try, download Ezvid here for FREE

Ezvid | 10 Alternatives to Fraps



Taski is an open source video & screen capture for 3D graphics. It allows you to take screen shots and also record videos from your desktop to create video clips of your games and other 3D-graphics applications.

It can support video compression with any VFW video codec such as Xvid, DivX, and MPEG4. It also supports key panning, where users can assign any key to a particular function. Plus it can customize video settings allowing users to specify on a per-game basis the FPS of the capture video. However, this program doesn’t have any video editing tools integrated onto its software plus the interface is not so neat that you don’t actually appreciate its ease of use.

Taski is not able to capture the audio as well. However, user has the ability to customize the area of screen it captures – either full size or half size. There is no current limit to the length of the video captured, but available disk space is the only limitation. So overall, Taski is just a screen capture with limited features.











WeGame is an application solely dedicated for gamers only. So users can watch games online, view more game videos online and can record the game videos. It is more like YouTube where players play and share their games to other gamers. It uses hotkeys to start and stop the recording and it records videos in .AVI format. It has the ability to upload the recorded video to the web.

However, WeGame is limited in terms of available games on their website. It does not have any video editor integrated on the application and only records in AVI format. If you are looking for broader functions of a software, then this might not be the right application for you due to the specifications of this program.

wegame | 10 Alternatives to Fraps








Bandicam is a PC screen & game recorder software where it has the ability to record a certain area on a PC screen. It has a high compression ratio with the ability to capture real-time game & streaming videos like Minecraft, Skyrim and other Windows-related programs. It supports AVI video format, MPEG-1, and a few more and also supports PNG, JPEG and BMP image formats. It is capable of showing the FPS limit during capture.

But Bandicam leaves a watermark for your video. It has the ability to record sound but it is very low and audio lags at times. The video quality is low and there is no video editing tools. You still need another software to edit the video plus it is not capable of recording your voice.

Bandicam | 10 Alternatives to Fraps







BB Flashback


BB Flashback is a Blueberry software which can record high quality movies in high frame rate. It is capable of recording your Webcam as it can see anything from your screen. It has the ability to record voice from a microphone so users can make a commentary footage using this program. It is also easy to use and runs well with Visa and Windows 7 OS.

The BB Flashback has editing functions and so it can add annotations, can edit audio,  has pan & zoom features, can crop a file and can even clean-up background noises.

Though this software seems so cool but this software is not free. To be able to use the features it offer, you have to buy the software for about 89 to 199 (Pro edition). It is kind of expensive and so this again might not be suitable for a lot of users who are just looking for a free program that can do almost the same as BB Flashback.

bb flashback | 10 Alternatives to Fraps







BSR Screen Recorder


BSR Screen Recorder captures screen into video format like AVI, SWF, and WMV. It can take screen shots where it supports JPG, PNG, and BMP files. It is able to choose the area of capture from your screen, either full window, a region or any area on your screen. This software also supports webcam recording as well as recording any streaming videos on the web. It can record audio from your microphone, as well as record sound from your computer speakers. This software is also made for Windows which supports Vista and Windows 7 as well. The software is able to zoom in and out during recording and has an auto-pan function.

The programs is able to capture cursor movements, even cursor click sounds plus has basic video editing tools integrated on its program. It can append audios into videos, can splice or trim portions from the video, able to synchronize video and audio files and supports different codecs to record for the video. It has a lot of features you are surely wanting to have, however this program is not a freeware program.

One user license costs about 49.95 USD and if you include Movie Lab, it will cost  you about 89.95 USD. The Movie Lab lets you edit your screen capture videos frame by frame by either adding text boxes, or images, transitions, speed up or slow down a video. So this software somehow limits the user to use the full features it offers when just signing up for the Standard version without the lab. Again, the price is quite expensive so you might want to think about it still.

BSR-Screen-Recorder | 10 Alternatives to Fraps










CaptureFox is a web-based screen recording extension from FireFox where it allows you to capture screen and also record voice – a tool you can use to make tutorials, demos, and presentations. This add-on has the ability to change frame rate between 1 and 5 and also has the ability to determine output folder and filename of the video. However, this software has no video editing functions and does not support instant sharing to YouTube or other social profiles. It’s a plain and simple screen capture program you can use for capturing your screen.

capturefox | 10 Alternatives to Fraps







DebugMode Wink


Wink is a screen capture software useful for making tutorials and presentations. It is a tool that can capture screenshots, can add callouts, text boxes, titles aimed for making tutorials on things like MS programs or any other how-to tutorials.

Wink is 100% freeware and works well in platforms like Windows and Linux. It can also record voice plus supports BMP, PNG, JPEG, GIF images. It can export tutorials into flash, PDF, HTML or even EXE files. It is easy to use however, it lacks some essential video editing tools – no zoom and pan features, static, no click effects,

wink | 10 Alternatives to Fraps









Webinaria is a screen capture software where it allows recording of your desktop screen and webcam. It captures your voice useful for creating tutorials and easily uploaded to the web in a .SWF format. Users can also customize the area of capture from the screen window. It has voice recording control and has editing tools which can edit audio and webcam properties. This tool can convert any AVI files to FLV with its compression technology associated with it.

Latest update of this software is it has now video editing tools which allow users to save its projects, to add more effects to its video – by adding texts and music to its timeline.

But Webinaria has lots of problems. First, it is not easy to use. With its interface, you are quite lost as to how to customize the area and size of recording window, hotkeys are complex to use, no video playback options, and the video quality is very bad plus file size output is too large.

webinaria | 10 Alternatives to Fraps









CaptureWizPro is a screen capture program which records anything it sees on your screen. It can capture mouse pointers, drop down lists and even screen savers. It has an embedded high performance recording option for capturing demo presentations or any streaming videos. The video output range from WMV to AVI or GIF files. It is an easy to use tool perfect for beginners and great for PROs.

However, one of the cons of this software is it cannot upload or share immediately to YouTube. It can only print or email the finished video and it is not 100% free. You can only use it for free in a period of 30 days which limits you to use all its functionalities.

capturewizpro | 10 Alternatives to Fraps








Overall, it is up to users what type of software that really fits to their needs. All you have to remember are the key elements of a software where you must see to it that it is easy to use, it can share files instantly to the web or YouTube, it can record voice so you can create powerful tutorials, it can capture screen easily, and it has a great quality output. When you find this in one software, you don’t have to look back. And so far, out of the 10, Ezvid is by far the best one, which has all of these key elements. What about you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below